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HOW we started1 purchased, 1 Donated Initiative ?

"Give before you take" was one of the founding principal when we started Unconditional. Executing the same, we wanted to give back from the very start & couldn't wait for the company to grow big. That's why we decided to give back from our revenue, than from our profit.

Education doesn't just help one person. It enables that person to help others. It creates a ripple effect.

& that's why we wanted to contribute our bit towards child education.

According to International Labor Organization report,

educating girls have proven to be one of the most important ways of breaking poverty cycles."

According to the Brookings Institute study,

each year of education provides an average 10 percent increase in wages.

Across the world,

more than 72 million children are not able to gain access to an adequate education.

WHy we give?

World change starts with educated kids. And at Unconditional, we believe that the smallest act of Unconditional love can make big differences in the world.

258 million kids are out of school

15 Million girls
are married
before reaching

ONly 39% of rural kids attend secondary school

limited educational opportunities to girls costs countries around 20 trillion US Dollars
in lost lifetime productivity and earnings.

Hepling in education will help :

India's GDP will increase

by simply increasing girls’ enrolment in secondary school by 1 percent, the GDP in India would increase by $5.5 billion.

Infant mortality rates will decrease

if all women had a secondary education, 12 million children would be saved from stunting from malnutrition

Child marriage rate will decreas

if girls with no education are upto 6 times more likely to marry as children than girls with secondary education

Maternal death will decrease

if all mothers completed primary education, maternal deaths would be reduced by two-thirds, saving 189,000 lives

What we give?

Every purchase contributes in donating a book to a girl child in need.
Your purchase gives young girls an opportunity to reach their potential and provides hope for a better future.


From syllabus text books, story books & biographies we give all.
We believe books spread seeds to dream.


Notebooks + Stationery

Notebooks, writing pads, practical register & stationery items.

HOW & where we give?

We provide books through the programs of our giving partners because they are proven to have a positive impact in a multitude of ways. Initialy we partnered with UPAY FOUNDATION that help us impact young kids.

UPAY NGO empowers underprivileged communities through Education and Skill Development. They strive to make education for all increasingly accessible with their two major prongs – Footpathshaala and Reach & Teach. Children are taught through open classroom programs using various recreational and skill developmental activities. We are really grateful to be working with them & contribuiting our bit.

To know more about them you can visit their webiste www.upay.org.in

HOw can you track your donations?

After every purchase, we send a message with the name of the kid, name of the organization, name of the book donated, along with the actual picture of the kid holding that book. We keep it transparent so you can directly see the impact that was made with every purchase & you can feel it in your heart with every kid's smile.